Skin Care Obsession 

Ever have someone point out a flaw or imperfection of yours that you knew you had but were desperately trying to avoid? Yeah, I recently experienced this the other day. 

For a long time my eyes used to be really irritated and dry and they would bother me so much that I would constantly be rubbing my eyes. Little did I know that this would eventually create fine lines beneath my eyes. I mean it also comes with age but I am still pretty young.

Anyways I began doing research on products and looking at reviews to see which products worked best for my situation and skin type. This is when I had stumbled across Mario Badescu’s skin care products, not to mention I had already heard great things about this skin care line. Give or take two weeks later I was in much need for an Ulta run, which is when I decided to purchase the Anti-Aging kit by Badescu’s line.

Long story short, within the first use I fell completely in love with the products! My face literally felt like a baby’s butt and not to mention, the area around my eyes felt completely smooth and hydrated. I would honestly say that if people asked me about these products that I would highly recommend them. I feel as if it’s never to early to start working on your skin. I’d rather take care of my skin now than wait until I’m older and regret not taking care of myself a long time ago. 

*** A product however that I would fully recommend if you’re not willing to purchase the whole kit is the Glycolic eye cream which can be used on all skin types. 
Further updates on more products to be coming soon.


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