Exploring the concept of fitness

So I have been going to the gym for the past two years, however I was never really consistent with working out. It’s as if I was eating very clean, working out 3-5 times a week and no results ever showed. Which is when I shortly began losing interest in working on myself. After  that I would attend the gym maybe 2-3 days a week and 2-3 days eventually became 1-2 days of working out a week. Then all of a sudden I stopped working out for a couple of months and I didn’t really feel like myself.

Finally, starting this new year I decided it was time for a change. I had been following a girl named Katy Hearn for over 2 years already all throughout social media. Katy is a certified trainer, who creates her own fitness programs and releases them out to anyone who decides to sign up for her programs, well for a cost of course.

Long story short these workout programs are often called challenges because Katy incorporates prizes to the top few girls who show the best results from the challenges. Katy started her winter program about 8 weeks ago which just recently ended. Just a few weeks ago however while looking through her instagram feed I noticed that she was doing a promo program for almost less than half the price. I figured, I’d start out small. My program still consisted of the full 8 week program with planned out exercises for 5 days a week I just wasn’t aloud to be in the prize contests.

Once I began doing these workouts, I realized that I never saw results before because I never took the time to figure out how to work out each different muscle groups the way that Katy has it laid out in the program. I’m still halfway through this 8 week program and with every workout I definitely leave the gym covered in sweat. Katy definitely knows how to plan her workouts!

The point of this post is not to say “go buy Katy’s plans” although I would highly recommend it. The point of this post it to say that if you were like me and were not seeing any results, go back and figure out what it is you were doing wrong. Maybe you need to adjust your calorie intake or maybe you were like me and were not working out each muscle group the way you are supposed to.
Follow Katy Hearn’s instagram: @Katyhearnfit for more information about her programs and to see what she’s all about.


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