Favorite makeup product

So one day while shopping at Ulta, I stumbled across the Essence makeup section. Everything was a fairly decent price or should I say one heck of a deal. One thing that really caught my attention however was the Essence All about Matt! Fixing Compact Powder. It was only $3.99 at Ulta so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try out this product because it’s not like I was spending a lot of money on it. The whole purpose of this product is to be used to either set your entire makeup all over your face or you can also use this product for touch ups to create that matte look while still looking natural.

I’ve been using this product for about two months already and these past couple of days I’ve been super busy to finish my makeup completely and I’ve noticed a big difference from not using this fixing powder. I don’t necessarily use it all over my face however. I tend to have one really harsh line underneath both of my eyes so I have been using this product underneath my eyes after I apply my concealer and let me tell ya, it makes such a big difference. Another thing I use this product for is that whenever I smile my makeup tends to crease around my mouth from smiling so much, so I apply this powder wherever those lines usually tend to appear and I can literally go the whole day without having to fix my makeup or having to smooth over those creases.

The way that I apply the product is a use a beauty blender sponge and since the powder is compacted and not loose I pick up a bit of the product with the sponge, apply it to where my makeup usually tends to crease. I don’t put a lot of pressure on the sponge I just gently dab the product on my face and I wait about a minute and then once the minute is up, I use a makeup brush to just brush off the excess powder from my face. 

I have really dry skin and this product doesn’t make my face feel dry or stiff whatsoever. Makeup can be a little spendy, so if you’re having the same similar issues with makeup and creases the way I do, I would really recommend trying out this product. The point of this post is not to say you need to buy this product. But if you’re like me and have always had issues with your makeup creasing and aren’t in the mood to spend an arm and a leg on makeup, then I would definitely look into buying this product. I’ve been struggling for years on finding something that has worked for me and I’m glad I finally found a product that does.

This product is not only sold at Ulta but target has essence products as well.


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